tables vs. divs

Hi again everyone.

I am about to start re-designing the email newsletter templates for my company. What I need to figure out is if I should use semantic markup with divs, or "kick it old school" and go for a table based layout.

I was reading through the old Email Makeover posts on the blog, and they were done using divs, where as the Campaign Monitor email templates are (or at least the few I've looked at) be table based.

What are you folks using now (and in the past), and what are you finding the most success with?  If you've changed from one to the other, why did you change?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Personally I swing between the two, depending on the audience and the design. I normally try to avoid any tables at all, but in certain cases where I know the email client (Outlook!) primarily used or a particular design element needs to hold together, I use containing tables.

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