Monthly subscriber overview?

Eeek! We seem to have lost the overview page for each subscriber list that showed, by month, total subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces etc.
I used to copy and paste this out into an excel report for a couple of my clients... The default view now just seems to show the graph and then a list of subscribers underneath it...?
Unless I'm missing something?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey djwhisky, I can confirm that the chart at the top of manage subscribers is the best way to get an overview of list growth now. We've also sorted your lists by date subscribed showing the most recent first so you can easily checkout any new subscribers. Apologies if this is something you used to present to clients, although now you can open up client access to subscriber lists so they can see this data themselves.

djwhisky, 9 years ago

Thanks for getting back Dave. Am just collating the report now, and have managed to get all the data I need just that rather than just copying it all from one screen it's meant clicking between three and then hovering the mouse over the graph... certainly not as efficient.
Unfortunately the client's not interested in looking at the stats online themselves and would much rather have everything compiled into a single one-page document they receive. This in turn is compiled into a monthly sales channel report giving online sales details as well as email campaign responses etc.

aiawebteam, 8 years ago

The subscriber reports were significantly better than the chart at the top of the manage subscribers list. It is now a right pain to get together the same info to report on list changes and significant impacts. For example, if we had a big spike in subscribes it can be tracked to a specific day (and time range) which then can be extrapolated back to a particular event which caused the uptake. As a not-for-profit working in social justice we are keen to know exactly what resonates with our supporters and why - and viewing list changes by day over a month was a small but useful part of that jigsaw.

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