Suggestions: Reporting improvements

I like the new layout, still getting used to it.

We do a weekly newsletter of stories of interest to our customers and community.  It would be great for us to see trends across all newsletters.  For example:

* who are our top 20, 50, 100 subscribers in terms of Unique Clicks  (simply adding Total Unique Clicks to the subscriber list and making it a sortable column would go a long way towards this).

* what links have been most effective across all campaigns -- for us, we would glean what types of stories have been popular or not.  This would be a descending list of links by Unique Clicks.

On the compare campaigns graph, I would like to set target Opens and target Clicks.  I imagine two data entry boxes to set the targets and then light dotted green and dotted blue horizontal lines so it is easy to see which ones are above and below target.



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