URLs for links in test email pointing to my custom domain

I set up a client in CM, added a custom domain (email.mysite.com) and my test email's links are pointing to "http://email.mysite.com/t/y/i/dlltuy/tujtjduri/r" (the letter after the last slash changes with each link).  Is this something that is going to go away when the final email is sent, or will it continue to show my domain in the link of my client's email?  If CM knows my client's domain, shouldn't it be more like "http://email.myclientssite.com/t/y/i/dlltuy/tujtjduri/r"?  I have Google Analytics turned on for this client.
The client uses an aol account for his business email (I know...) so Domain and Sender ID are not verified.
Red Ember

shr_communication, 9 years ago

the links point to YOUR domain, even after sending the mail out.

So, my question to CM: is there any chance to have a domain for each of our clients? So the mail looks more like THEIR mail?

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Add my vote.


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BraceRosso, 9 years ago

Yeah, I would say the bad outweighs the good - it's good in the fact that people who like the email and want to know who's behind it might find me, but bad in that if I were my own client, it would seriously bug me.  As the designer, I'd like to control how people find me if at all through something added to the footer of the email, not the link URLs.  What's odd is that the Send to a Friend has the client domain in the URL.  CM, I love what you've done, but I think this is fundamental.
Red Ember

quena, 8 years ago


Has this been resolved?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey all,

Your custom domain is used for all tracking links, but it's not possible to use the clients domain. This is not something we are likely to change, for various reasons it is just not that simple or feasible.

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