Test email problem since relaunch

As of today, I am having problems successfully sending test emails. When sending a test campaign to 5 different addresses (2 Gmail accounts, 2 from another domain and another from a third domain), I receive them in the 2 Gmail accounts, they show up in the spam filter for one of the other domains and never show up in the third account. I've never had issues with any of these addresses before the new site was launched.

As a test, I also picked "Edit and Resend" on a campaign that I successfully tested and sent just two weeks ago, and that one has the same problems (received in Gmail, not others).

msldigital, 9 years ago

UPDATE: I don't think it can be a whitelist problem, as I have been able to create a dummy campaign that does make it through to all of the addresses, but I don't know why an email that was sent successfully last month won't even send as a test now.

msldigital, 9 years ago

Also ran the Spam Filter Check on one of the offending campaigns and passed all of them

cdndesigner, 9 years ago

I am having the SAME problem! Test emails are not going thru, but when I PAY for the campaign, everything works fine. I really do need to find a solution for this as I go thru at least 5 testing phases for one very PICKY client.
Is there a solution out there?

glenwith1n, 9 years ago

I have the same problem, Test emails aren't going through except to gmail , hotmail etc, is there a fix for this, I need it urgently.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey guys, the test emails are being send from the same server as any paid campaigns, so this is certainly a strange issue. Please get in touch with support if you're still running into problems with these emails arriving.

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