Google Analytics Goals and Sign Ups


I've set up a Google AdWords account and I'm trying to configure a new goal for people who see the ad, then sign-up to our newsletter. We've integrated the sign-up form onto our website, but I can't figure out a way to set the end goal, because I think Google requires it's Analytics tracking script (urchin) to be on all pages - but the page that signified someone has subscribed is actually the standard Campaign Monitor confirmation page, which I don't have access to and doesn't have our script on it.

Is there anyway to add Google Analytics to this page - or does anyone have any hints / tips / war stories on how they've configured AdWords and Campaign Monitor to measure goals for signups...

Many thanks,


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Howard, you can set your own landing page for successful subscribers by heading into your list, and the clicking on "Customize the subscribe process" on the right. You can then add your GA code to the footer of that page on your own server.

That should solve your problem.

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