Subscribe to daily activity RSS (Empty)


I used the "Subscribe to daily activity" RSS feed prior to the upgrade and it always worked a treat.
Since the change, I have not been able to get any results via this particular RSS feed.
The feed always claims to be empty, despite there being new subscribers.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, this is always my first assumption.


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Joncar, could you possibly compare the RSS feed address between your current one, and the one in your account now and let us know if there is a difference. Should be easy for us to get to the bottom of.

Joncar Joncar, 9 years ago


Sadly, I have deleted the old feed.

The current feed uses a customised account name:


Of course the old feed didn't use ****** prefix.

This probably doesn't help you much.

PS: I use Firefox 2.0

sagalout, 8 years ago


We seem to be having a similar issue.  We have a feed in a clients admin area for the daily subscriber activity.  This was working fine when we set it up in December, but has now stopped working. The feed is there but cant be parsed by simplePie. The same feed also doesn't work in my FF live bookmarks, so I'm guessing there's something wrong with the XML formation?

sagalout, 8 years ago

Any ideas on this?  The feed still isn't working - well, its there but cant be read by any RSS reader.

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