Clients accessing templates vs uploading campaigns?

As a user of both CampaignMonitor and MailBuild, I have a question/feature suggestion. In Mailbuild you could allow access to templates we made available without allowing full access to uploading their own camaigns. Under the new CampaignMonitor we seem to have lost that control.

Is there a way we can have the option per client to allow full access versus limited access to templates only? Aside from avoiding potential technical questions that would probably arise when clients without HTML design experience (which is why they have come to us) try to create their own campaign, it would be nice to have a way to offer the same "tiers of service" possible before rather than just a rebranded version of your service or a closed system without client editing.

I asked about this to tech support but figured I'd open it up for forum discussion.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

We hear you loud and clear on this one and have had a few customers run the idea by us. It's not something I can outright promise here and now, but I agree it's certainly useful and we'll be giving it heavy consideration when the dust settles from the upgrade.

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