Request for some simple API development


I would like to hire someone to help me with a simple script that will create a 2 step subscribe form.

I want to create a subscribe form that has name, email, and company name fields and upon submission, a "thank you" page.  What I would like to add with the API is a few extra fields of data  (address, phone number, etc) in a form on my "thank you" page that the user could optionally enter and merge into their original record from the first form.

Ideally, if possible, the "thank you" page would have what they've already entered "name, company, email" already filled in.  And, it has to be able to handle the situation where, in the event someone is trying to be helpful and forwards someone else my "thank you" page directly without accessing step 1, a new contact will still be created.

Make sense ?  If this is (as I suspect) a couple hours or less of work, I would love to hear from you  You can email me at markdascoli (at) gmail (dot) com



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