Move a subscriber from one list to another, KEEPING the history

Can we migrate one subscriber list (email addresses) to another one, KEEPING all the history information about sent campaigns and so on?

It would be very handy in case you have created many lists, and want to clean up adding them into 1 list.

In that case, the information about sent campaigns to identical email addresses should also be merged.

""  is in "List A" and received mailing "abc"
""  is also in "List B" and received mailing "def"

When migrating from "List B" to "List A", the history in "List A" should also show his clicks on mailing "def" when he was in "List B".

Is this a strange request, or are there other users here who would like that?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey B, unfortunately we don't have an easy way to move a subscriber from one list to another and retain their complete history. You'll need to stick with exporting and importing to get this done right now.

bt, 9 years ago

Hi Dave,

If you say we need to stick with "exporting and importing" instead of moving, do we then retain the history?

Thanks & kind regards,

joolsr, 8 years ago

yes, this would be useful to know, as I have the same problem

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey B and joolsr, I'm afraid the import/export option would still not retain that subscriber history sorry. It would appear in that list as a new subscriber.

cifsonline, 8 years ago

I have the same problem and would greatly appreciate a solution – I know you're capable of it.
/ A big fan of your service.

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