Where are the previous MailBuild Templates?

Anyone know if the previous templates offered in MailBuild are still accessible?
I used one to comp for a client a few weeks ago and am not seeing it in the new Campaign Monitor template gallery.


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Scheme, we did pull a few of the older templates that didn't offer comprehensive rendering across the board (some of them didn't look so hot in clients like Lotus Notes and Outlook 2007). We've still got copies here of course, so fire us an email with the screenshot of the one you're after and we can send you through the one you're after.

scheme scheme, 9 years ago

Thanks Dave,
You saved the day!
I've got the screenshots...
but when I followed your "fire us an email" link - it takes me to a form, and I cant attach screenshots, do you have an email addy?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Sorry bout that, just fire it to davidg at freshview.com

scheme scheme, 9 years ago

Thanks, emailing them now...

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