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Hi all,

We just send our first campaign through campaign monitor and we're loving all the report we have, but I notice some user behavior that is puzzling me and I'm thinking if you have the same problem.

To be on the email list that we used, the user should have come to the client website, click a button to sign up for the newsletter that says "keep up with the latest news from the client", fill the form and opt-in to receive the email, which was about the opportunity to see a week before everybody else the new client commercial.

Even after all that we have a 10% unsubscribed rate and 2 people reporting us as spam, is this regular behavior with your clients or the people on my country ( Brazil ) are a little bit weirdos than regular ones

I would never go through that much trouble sign in to unsubscribe in the first email I receive..

what's are your thoughts about this

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Grillo,

I think that is pretty typical behaviour - people signup and then when they actually get the email they are in a different frame of mind, realise they already have too much email and change their minds.

We also understand that sometimes people use the spam link instead of unsubscribe, which can be frustrating.

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