pricing comparison

Hi everyone,

I'm researching email blast options and would appreciate your help in comparing products and understanding what makes CM better than others. It certainly sounds like a good product with good support.

Would you say this product is best for lower volumes with occasional or one-time use though? In comparing to other products (such as Constant Contact, iContact, etc.) it seems like once you get over about 15,000 contacts, the monthly fee model might make more sense?

I'm researching options for a client that will be as high as 27,000 contacts. If I'm understanding everything correctly, with CM that would cost $275 for each email blast. The other providers would cost $150-$175 for monthly use and would even include multiple blasts in the month for that one charge.

Am I understanding the pricing structures correctly?

thanks for any help!

blogjunkie, 8 years ago

Hi, I believe iContact's pricing depends on the number of contacts you have on your list, while CM's pricing is based on the number of emails you send. If you don't send email blasts frequently CM is the way to go.

Also, I believe that the extra features that CM provides makes it more valuable for your client, i.e. complete freedom in building HTML emails and the killer feature - client accessible reports.

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