Personalization / Salutation / Best Practice

Hi all,

I'm setting up a Newsletter template for a new client. I also set up a personalized salutation:
[Salutation,fallback=Dear] [lastname,fallback=Customer],

What is your advice / best practice for doing this kind of personalization? Save the custom field "Salutation" with the desired value directly (Dear Mister / Dear Miss)?

I know other Newsletter Systems, where one can only save "male"/"female" and in a second step (in the e-mail template) define the definite Salutation - kind of "if salutation=male, say Dear Mister...". In this way, a salutation can be changed easily afterwards. With the Campaign Monitor solution I mentioned above, I have to export and reimport the list for changing salutation, is this true?

Many thanks for your answers,

benzkji, 9 years ago

me again...
had contact with campaign monitor support. There is no "if salutation=mail..." solution with CM, so just save the salutation directly in the custom field.

just for those who might be interested in this matter...


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