I have several questions.

1. I customized one of your templates and now I am working on a new family newsletter to test your services. i noticed that anchor links do not work in Gmail. Is there anything I can do about this? it does work in the browser or in an other email client. Right now, I can't provide you a link to the browser version because it's a private newsletter. If you need it to answer my question,  please email me at Thanks.

2. Security and privacy. As I mentioned, my first pilot project is aimed at family and friends and will be sent to 100 people only. However, my concern is that the browser version "out there" will be indexed by google, so anytime someone googles my name, will see pics of my children, private info...etc . How can you reconcile that a newsletter may be ultimately private even if it's sent to a dozen of people whereas the browser version is out there for everyone? Shall I not provide a browser version? But then i am worried that there is no backup version if the newsletter is not displayed properly.

3. Congrat on your new site and merged services!!! You rock!
However, i had problems reaching you via support. Any time I send an email via your support form, it gets lost, i do not even receive an acknowledgment that I sent you something even though I did leave an email address. I experienced the same thing through the mailbuild site in mid November. Anyone with similar experiences?

Lauroca, 8 years ago

I could actually put a robots.txt file to exclude the search engines from that folder but the browser version of my newsletter is actually on campaign monitor's server and not on my server, right? Even if it looks like...

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Lauroca. Because your email campaign is not linked to from anywhere on the web, Google cannot index it and so it won't appear in their search engines. We also add certain meta tags to the web version for every customer to ensure that even if someone does link to the email and the Googlebot finds it, it still won't be listed. We've got you covered on that one.

As for the email problems, we did have some issues with support emails very early in the week, but that has been resolved, so please try again if you still haven't heard from us. We've responded to every customer email we've seen so far.

Lauroca, 8 years ago

Great! You guys think of everything!!!

Lauroca, 8 years ago

Hi! I submitted an email to your support via your online form. Am I not supposed to receive an automatic email that your system received it? I just don't want to hang around and wait just to realize that it ended up in nirvana again.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Lauroca, we replied to your support ticket a little while ago. If you haven't seen the reply you might want to check your spam folder and see if it's there, maybe it was filtered.

To get the anchors in gmail you'll need to add in some old school <a name> tags in addition to the id tags that are already in there.

D. Potter
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