accidentally deleted mailinglist

My problem is this - A year ago i put up a form on a website to register new subscribes to his mailing-list.

Now I'm trying to  find a list of new subscribers for the year but I can't find any mailing list with them.

If a mailing-list has been accidentally deleted is there anyway of getting a list of subscribers that still are apply form the form on the website or a history of some kind of records?

The website still uses the redirect page I set up if a subscription was successful. And I still have the url that i placed in the action property of the form tag.

Is there any hope or is all lost?

Any help or direction here would be great.

Thanks very much,

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Spherika,

This sounds like you might have more than one account and are looking into the wrong one for this list. Get in touch and we'll track the list down for you. We can certainly recover any subscribers, even if the list has been previously deleted, so we've got you covered there.

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