Segments in Reports

Segments are great for breaking down the list of people you want to send to, but can they be used in reports.  For example, can I send a campaign to my entire subscriber list and then when viewing reports for this campaign choose to break down the graphs to only certain segments?

Obviously I could send ten emails, one to each segment, but that is a lot of work.  I want to send the same email out to the entire database, but then just see which segment is the most responsive.

Can this be done?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Candrias, this feature isn't available right now I'm afraid, but I 100% agree it would be pretty darn useful. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll make sure I pass it on to the rest of the team.

eyoung eyoung, 8 years ago

Sorry to bring this subject back up, but we have a client who currently wants segmented reporting. is there any way now to get get reporting on segmented lists?

or is there a way to export reports with which segment they belonged in etc?


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Elaine, I'm afraid this  still isn't something you can do easily with the current reports. It's certainly still on the list, but we have other more highly requested features we plan on releasing first.

schok, 8 years ago

I third this - I didn't realize it when I sent a segmented list and now the report is virtually useless to me. 1 list, 8 franchise locations.

clur, 8 years ago

I want this too!! Pretty please can we get this feature soon. We have been using your service for a while now but more and more clients are asking for this and its really becoming a reason to look elsewhere. If you could let us know when you think this might be implemented I will consider holding off moving systems.

mikechampa, 8 years ago

This is an important feature as well for us and it is unfortunate this is not currently available. Anything that can be done to further this request higher in the food chain would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps at least being able to export the report activity with a segment summary number would help.
Thanks for developing an excellent product.

woodscreative, 8 years ago

Can't you just setup different lists instead of using segments?

eyoung eyoung, 8 years ago
woodscreative :

Can't you just setup different lists instead of using segments?

You sure can, but its just a hassle having to resend the same campaign out to a single list each time just to get reporting on that specific segment/list.

Also what if a subscriber belonged in more than one list? then its possible they'll receive more than one campaign.

or what if you charged your client a flat delivery fee, then they'll have to pay that each time they sent out the same campaign.

those are just some of the things you have to work around.

Jerome, 8 years ago

Our clients are also asking for segmented reporting.
It would be great to have this feature.

scoopy, 8 years ago

Would really love this feature too.  If it was possible to push this up the list of features to develop that would be cool!!!

scoopy, 8 years ago

Would it just be better to be able to sort reports by custom fields.  I wonder if this might be a better way of achieving the same thing as most segments would have a custom field attached to them.

adventure3, 8 years ago

Count me in as someone requesting this. It would be highly useful.

Thank you,

scoopy, 8 years ago

This is a possible stop gap approach for analysing segment data.

I think that I noticed that when exporting report data into CSV (eg, how many opens) segment data is included.  Therefore, it's possible to generate segment data reports from there.

PFG, 8 years ago

I too would like the feature but...

I have a client with three segments split according to whether they (1) subscribed to the list from a web page, (2) bought the product or (3) entered a competition and gave their permission to be contacted.

For each campaign I send out different e-mails to each segment with the appropriate "You are receiving this e-mail because you subscribed via our website" or "You are receiving this e-mail because you bought our product" etc.

Lewes, UK
lischq, 8 years ago

I was surprised to see that we could not view reports by segment. seems to defeat the purpose of having your list in segments at all.  Doing separate sends is a clunky workaround, not to mention not cost-effective when there's a $5 extra flat fee for each send.

MikeTheVike, 7 years ago
scoopy :

Would it just be better to be able to sort reports by custom fields.  I wonder if this might be a better way of achieving the same thing as most segments would have a custom field attached to them.

I came to this forum to ask about this, did a search and found this thread. We were hoping for some functionality like this. We have a custom field with a sales person's name in it. When reporting it would be awesome to show reports for certain sales people...Has this functionality been added since the last post in this thread? Thanks!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi @MikeTheVike, we don't yet have reporting by segment (which would be the ideal option in this case - create segments by salesperson's name prior to campaign send), however we'll keep you posted if this is included in a future release.

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Tucker, 7 years ago

Count me in as someone requesting this. We would really appreciate this feature too as we have a client who wants to send out emails to their various offices around the country (via sements) and would like reporting for each individual office.

charlesrogers, 6 years ago

We have only started using Campaign Monitor recently and up comes a new major client that wants reporting on segments. I have found how to do it, now I want to know how to report on it.  I have read this thread, (which started 2 years ago) is it now available or still on the wish list?

Looks like our 1st big break will be lost before we can get them up and running :(

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi charlesrogers, welcome to the forums! Reporting by segment is still on the wish list, unfortunately. We'll be certain to post an update in this forum thread when it becomes a reality.

For the sake of appeasing your client in the interim, is there the possibility for you to do a separate send per segment?

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tomstephenson, 6 years ago

Hi There-

Any update on general priority in the product roadmap?  As in
"Q1-Q2 2011"
"in 2011, definitely, just not sure when"
"sometime in 2011, hopefully"

This is a fairly important feature for several clients we manage who want detailed information on the behavior of different segments and are frustrated with having to send 5-10 different campaigns each time they send an email...



dan_rc, 6 years ago

I'd really love to see this feature implemented.
Without the reporting, it seems the feature of segments is a little crippled.

Imagine the power of adding a segmenting lists, and noticing that a certain group  is much more receptive to your campaign? (Without the need to recreate and send each time!)

Ben Richardson's reponse suggests the data is there. I'd just love to get a simple means of accessing it:
You can create segments based on your custom field data, and you can also add rules to a segment based on subscriber activity, such as opened a campaign, clicked a link etc. Once you've created these segments, the number of subscribers in each segment should be the information your looking for.

1975mark, 6 years ago

Hi There, just wanted to ask has there been any further progress with the addition of segmenting reports per subscriber list etc. We've 3 clients currently asking for the feature as a priority for their forthcoming marketing.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi 1975mark, we don't have immediate plans to introduce reporting by list/segment, I'm sorry to say. It's still under consideration and we don't have a timeline for its release.

That said, I've added your vote for it, so I'll keep you posted if there are any updates.

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