Custom Fields Question

I have what I think is a difficult problem and would appreciate some help if anyone has experience with custom fields.

I need to send out an email to a list of customers who have expired domain names. Some of the customers have multiple domains (some have hundreds). My Excel spreadsheet lists the domains in question, and then the email address associated with each one. When I import, will Campaign Monitor ignore the duplicate email addresses?

What I'd like is to have a nice formatted email that goes to each email address once, but if they have multiple domains listed in the spreadsheet, that they'd all be listed in one email.

Is it even possible?


James McNally
Community Specialist

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey James,

Unfortunately our import process won't merge all of your duplicate data into a single subscriber. This is something you'll need to do at your end I'm afraid. Also, our custom field size is limited to around 500 characters, which I'm assuming will get filled up pretty quickly if some customers have hundreds of domains. To be honest I don't think Campaign Monitor would be the best option for this kind of campaign.

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