sending singleton emails using api

Hi all,

client has a requirement to send birthday emails based on date in custom field in cm subscriber lists. Thes emails would be personalised using the normal CM list fields, but to very small lists (e.g. 1,2 3 recipients etc)

I would develop the functionality locally: download the list each night to check for tomorrows birthdays and then send the individual emails locally - but it would be far more elegant to use api to send email from cm.

Has the limitation on sending campaigns to fewer than 6 via api been removed?

Are there any plans to introduce this sort of service soon? 



Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Sean,

We understand this limitation can make sending smaller and trigger based emails fro the API difficult. You'll be pleased to know we plan on making some improvements to this feature shortly.

willo, 8 years ago


I am very new to the API but this is something that I actually need to do for a client I am currently working with, what is the ETA on the introduction of this functionality.

Kind Regards

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