Flash API help

Good morning!

I hope this is a forum appropriate topic!

Our regular flash developer isn't particularly confident about his ability to implement the flash newsletter signup API (at least, not very quickly and without us incurring the cost of paying him to learn how to do it!). That being said, I'm wondering if there any API developers out there that would be interested in a quick contract job to implement the flash API newsletter signup into an existing flash site? Please give me a shout if you are!! info@syntricdesign.com



Stig Stig, 10 years ago

I'm thinking this should be pretty easy with Actionscript's XML.load(). If your your developer would like to give it a try, kirupa.com have a good article on using XML in Flash.

However, you might wanna think about running it through a server side solution to protect your API key and list ID, as Flash files can be decompiled.

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