Bulk List - best approach...?

I am interested in starting a national eNewsletter for a select industry that could contain between 20k and 60k contacts with email addresses. I do not have a list at this time. However, I am interested in finding out what the best approach is to attain these email addresses without being flagged for spam or banned from CampaignMonitor. I am an email purist so I prefer to find the best method for attaining the list.

I could take the master list of addresses and phone numbers and contact them all, one-by-one, via phone and ask to have them subscribed and to provide me with the necessary information but I am not sure CampaignMonitor would buy it and I don't want to spend labor hours and money doing that if it isn't going to work.

What is the best method to do this and accomplish my goal? Thank you.

GearedMedia, 9 years ago

Can anyone please help me?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago
GearedMedia :

I am interested in starting a national eNewsletter for a select industry that could contain between 20k and 60k contacts with email addresses. I do not have a list at this time.

We try to be very specific about who you can and can't email with Campaign Monitor, and by the sounds of things this definitely falls well outside what we would consider acceptable permission.

To give you a final answer though, you'd need to be more specific about the source you're referring to. How are you obtaining these 20k to 60k contacts (that's a big size difference)? What is their relationship to you or your client? Any extra details you can share would help us give you a more definitive answer.

GearedMedia, 9 years ago

Dave - Thank you for the reply. Allow me to be more specific as I am very familiar with the CM policies, I use it for another company I currently work for and enjoy it very much.

I am developing an informative eNewsletter containing valuable industry related information, hints, tips and guides directed towards the decision makers at all franchised automotive dealerships in the United States. There are currently 20,000 franchised dealerships and I am attempting to reach 1-5 contacts at each dealership (Dealer, General Mgr, Service Mgr, F&I Mgr and/or Internet Mgr) with the eNewsletter.

There isn't a clean list out there for this select of an industry, nor would I ever risk my business on buying just any list from any provider. My goal is to actually manually attempt to retrieve all these information under the guidelines set fourth by the FTC and CM. If it were possible, I imagine launching a large scale campaign - online, direct mail and mainly by phone to retrieve email addresses from this select industry.

The campaigns would state that we are offering an informative and free online eNewsletter for their industry and would like to know if they would be interested in us having to subscribe them to it.

I make money from selling basic banner ads (nothing that would effect the integrity of the publication) to the contacts I've already established in the industry that offer products and services to these dealerships. List quality is of utmost importance as it is the foundation for this business. I expect to have the cleanest and most sorted list for this eNewsletter offering.

Now of course, since the harvesting of these emails could be costly and timely, I may just start with regions and attack them one-by-one.

Your thoughts?

GearedMedia, 8 years ago

Dave, or anyone - Any further help with this? I provided a detailed answer.

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