New API function requests

It would be great if New API requests had their own discussion, and even maybe some voting options.

Your system is great, but as always there could be a few small tweaks and it would make it superb, I guess your working on some but the following would make my life (and I would imagine many others) much better.

1. Client.Add
2. Client.Update
3. Client.Hold
4. Client.Remove
5. Template.Add
6. Template.Update
7. Template.Remove
8. Charge.Add (see point b below)
Most important

Additionally there are a couple of things that could be done to the payment side that would allow total flexibility.

a. Allow us to add credit to accounts that are being paid for by the client.  Sometimes we would like to give a bonus number of credits so they may send a campaign for free or give new account holders a free spam or content check.  I am happy to pay for these myself as benefits but currently there is no way of allowing it for clients.  The only possible way is to swap the client from them paying to me paying, but that can have serious issues if left unchecked.
b. Allow us to add a charge to a client account where they must pay for it next time they use the service, you take a handling fee or percentage and we get credited the balance in the normal way.  This could be used for people like me that provide a template customisation service but wish the payment to go through a single place.  We could (as I am sure many of your customers could) create an on-line template system, that through the suggested API's above (5, 6 & 7) could be automatically be added to their account, if we then added a charge using (8) the client could then pay for the charge plus normal send fees next time they are in the system or go to send.  If they never log back in again no lose, they did not use the template we created and you did not charge them anything.

These features would allow for a very powerful and tightly integrated solution.

Let me know your thoughts, plus those of anyone else who likes these or has additional suggestions.

Malcolm H

Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Thanks for the well thought out post Malcolm, we really appreciate it. There are plenty of feature requests sprinkled through the forums and our internal bug/feature tracking tool, and we regularly keep stock of the most popular requests.

I can confirm that we are definitely going to be making API updates, but we just can't give out definite dates at this stage. But we do love to hear feedback like, especially with prioritized lists with what you feel is most important so we are delivering the most requested features first.

Promothon Promothon, 8 years ago

Hi Malcolm, Have you ever found some help with these requests? I'm interested in finding some of the same. Many thanks, Dave

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