vertical space below images in outlook 2003

I am building a Email Template within a table with one picture in every cell. The cells have the size of the picture.
When I test the email in outlook  2003 appears a space just below the picture but not beside it.
I have this problem in 2003 but not in outlook   2007 (where looks well).
Could you help me with that?

Gregorio, 9 years ago

My table hasn't got any Cellpadding, CellSpace, Border ...

BThies BThies, 9 years ago

Hi Gregorio,

Please send me the HTML, and I'll take a look at what's causing the issue.


Brian Thies
Thies Publishing

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
Jayneylou, 9 years ago

There are a couple of things that could be causing the problem and a couple of solutions.

Often it's a blank space issue.  Several clients read any space as a single space which often breaks up puzzled emails.  Remove any spaces between the <td> the <img> and the </td>.  That includes line breaks - yes I know it makes your code slightly hard to read but if you do it as the very last step in coding your email it won't be so bad.

Another solution is in the css... table img {display:block;} once you've inserted this into your stylesheet it also needs to be inserted inline (<img src="imagelocation" style="display:block;">) for all the clients that strip out the header information.

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