Trouble with utm_campaign

Since Dec. 1, I've been having trouble with the utm_campaign tag.

1. CM is using the subject, not the Campaign name. Under "Step 1: Define the Campaign and Sender," the instructions tell me to "Give your campaign an easily identifiable name. The name you choose will appear when you view the reports for this campaign." Ain't so, though it was prior to 12/1.

2. CM is apparently appending a short string of gibberish to the utm_campaign tag. E.g., utm_campaign=[Email subject]+_+drjlui and utm_campaign=[Email subject]+(dltihj)

Any thoughts on these?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi quena,

Thanks for letting us know about number 1, this has since been fixed and will now use campaign name for all future campaigns. In regards to 2, this is an identifier we place after the campaign name for some additional functionality we've been playing around with. We hope to be able to share more on this soon.

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