Images not reflecting reupload.

Hi, I am updating an older campaign with some new images (mainly changing the text in image headers). I am importing the zipped images and all images are showing. However, the preview is still showing the old images. I have re-zipped and re-uploaded at least 5 times with the same result. I know the image has been saved properly. When I preview the HTML locally everything is fine.

Is there any type of image caching or something in CM?

Thanks for the help.

mvbooth, 8 years ago

It seems there must be some sort of cache. After leaving CM alone for a while I came back and the correct images were showing.

It seems like this would be some sort of problem as waiting 1/2 hr for a cache to reset seems like a big waste of time when trying to get a campaign out the door.

lukes, 8 years ago

This is still an issue for me - have to rename images every time I change them.

Ken Ken, 8 years ago

Hi Guys,

It's possible that your ISP might be caching the images. We certainly don't cache images that we serve (otherwise tons of people would be having the same problem as you!).

We are actually making a change fairly soon that should eliminate your problem, however (the change wasn't intended to fix your problem, it just so happened that a by-product of the change will fix your problem). We'll be adding a query string to each image to create a unique url per import.

This change should be out with the next few weeks. I hope you can hold out until then!

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