Multiple Lists for signing visitors up?

So I'm looking to migrate some clients over from Constant Contact to Campaign Monitor.  I've looked through the documentation on this site and just want to make sure Campaign Monitor has what I need.

On Constant Contact, you are only allowed 1 landing page.  When a visitor signs up on your site using the sign up box CC provides, the visitor is taken to a landing page where more information is collected (name, address, etc.).  I've got a client that needs different landing pages and with CC, you only are allowed 1.  So in this case, the client has had to get 2 monthly subscriptions just so they can have 2 landing pages.

With Campaign Monitor, you're allowed multiple landing pages with one account, correct?  So in other words a client can have different sign up boxes (all pointed to Campaign Monitor) on their website landing on different landing pages that I can modify through Campaign Monitor?

Any insight would be appreciated...thanks!

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

You'll be very pleased to know that we don't impose ANY limits on the number of subscriber lists, forms and landing pages. You can create as many different landing pages as you'd like in your account.

flinx777, 10 years ago

Great...thanks for the reply.  I have heard a lot of great things about this Service from other web designers...thanks again!

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