Campaign Approval - Urgent Situation!

I have a nightmare on my hands.  We've been redoing a site for a client for months now.  For months I've been dealing with and using campaign monitor.  We've imported lists and created countless test blasts.  Now, here I am at go live and suddenly, for the first time, I find out that there's a 12 hour approval process to send a big list email.  This would have been nice to know a LONG time ago.  I could have submitted them and gotten approval at the point when I imported in the list, for instance.   It never said that, however, when I imported in all 16k names!  So, this is a bad situation.  The new site is live.  The newsletter, which has been going out every Wednesday, needs to go out today and I'm just now finding out that I need to be approved before I can send it.  What are my options?  I don't have 12 hours to wait.  In fact, the person who is doing the actual sending is going on vacation as of tonight and will be gone tomorrow.  I need to know what I can do.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey divamatrix, we'll be looking at your approval right now and will be getting back to you momentarily. We're also looking at a number of ways we can make the approval process much clearer in the future. We'll be in touch.

divamatrix, 9 years ago

I just got notification from the client that they were approved already.  It looks like we're out of hot water.  Thanks for the prompt attention.

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