Google Analytics utm tags nor appearing at all !


I posted this to CM support about 10 hours back, but haven't heard anything as yet.

I have added the correct domains to my campaign, and ticked to add GA tags to my newsletters, CM says that GA tags are setup and will be added to the emails, but when I send the newsletters there are no special utm tags on them at all ! I am just using my domain like this, '' (without the hyphens. Could it be the hyphen in the domain which is causing a bug ?

I've tried different campaigns, setup a new client in case there was something odd with the setup on main one, but whatever I try, the HTML and plain text views of the emails sent out don't include the auto generated utm tags.

Am I missing something simple here? Or is there something broken with CM at the moment?

Please help. I spent hours today testing this out, but just cant get ant ?utm tags to show up whatever I do ?

Julian Robbins

joolsr, 9 years ago

I think I can answer my own question. My assumption was wrong. the emails you receive as tests, have links, but only when these links are clicked are they redirected to the correct location and utm tags added by CM. So the designer never actually sees these tags normally it appears.

oh well ...

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