Missing all my subscribers. Urgently need help.

I have posted on the forums and I have emailed support but have recieved no response for two weeks.
I recently logged in the new merged system after a long time. I planned to launch my first campaign after having collected subscribers all year. But all subscribers are gone for one of my companies. And the other company I had an account for did not show up at all so I recreated it. I also recently updated my clients' websites with the new subscription form code. But I desperately need my old subscribers back to send out a campaign as promised to my clients before the year is out.

Please if someone can get back to me on this. Probably my subscribers are saved somewhere in the system, I just need them sent to me or returned to my account.


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Milamila,

Apologies if it seems like we're ignoring you, but we're certainly not. We have responded to all customer questions that have come in to date and same goes for forum questions. I can guarantee you your subscribers haven't been lost, and the case is usually that you have more than one account with us and might be checking the one without this list.

Please get in touch one last time, and if you don't hear from us with an answer, let us know here and we'll look into why your email might not be arriving.

milamila, 8 years ago

I emailed support for the second time via the form you linked and still no response after 4 days.
If someone could back to me very soon through my profile email, I would be very grateful.

milamila, 8 years ago

Any takers Please?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi milamila, it looks like we've responded to your past support tickets, perhaps the responses were filtered before they could be delivered to you. I just sent you an email through my own email so hopefully that reaches you. You do have 2 accounts, so the account you're logging in to isn't the one you're looking for.

D. Potter
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