Preference Centre - order of custom fields

Is their a way of setting the order of the custom fields within the Preference Centre?
At the moment they display in alpha order, which puts "surname" at the bottom.
Otherwise is their a way of passing a users details from an email - to a custom preference page hosted on our server. From here it will submit to CM.


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi, right now you can't set the order of custom fields, but I can certainly see how that can be an issue at times. For the surname issue, you might want to consider using our supplied combined name field instead. You can still personalize by first and last name.

We're also looking at making it easier to exclude certain custom fields form the preference center some time in the future too.

djwhisky, 8 years ago

The ability to exclude custom fields would be very useful. One of the custom fields for our clients is their unique database id which doesn't make any sense to a recipient when they're updating it...

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

djwhisky, that's a good point, and as Dave mentioned we are definitely looking at improvements in the future.

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