html email review

hi all,

i have to say, that this site is one of the greatest resources i have seen on html emails. very thorough and knowledgable. great work!

that said, i have a new campaign that i am working on and was wondering if anyone cared to look over the code to see if i am missing something or making a glaringly obvious error.

not sure if there is a review forum list or area, so i thought i would post here.

maybe we could set up a discuss list, like css-discuss that eric meyer has made. purely for coding questions and site reviews. or maybe another branch of this forum. which would really be great. or I can set it up on my site.

anyways, here is the site link:

i think everything is pretty clean.

i have tested on mac and pc for web based clients.
and mac: thunderbird, macmail
and pc: outlook 2003, outlook 2007, windows mail

please let me know if i should be aware of anything.


-e-train, 10 years ago

oh, by the way,

i realize that this email does not have the opt out info yet.


Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hey Steff,

First off, this is the perfect place for this kind of question, and just the kind of discussions we're trying to encourage in the forum. The design of the email looks great! Nice, simple and clean. Looking at the code, your use of tables and inline CSS should give you a very consistent result across most of the major email clients too.

My only suggestion would be to avoid using images for any important content in your email. This would especially include the "Play Video" call to action at the bottom of the email. Aside from that, great job.

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