Problems with description tags

Hi there,

Say I've got some footer text I with some custom CM tags like <webversion> etc. When I put all of this inside <$description default=''$> it looks alright when editing but as soon as I go to preview it's just blank.

My first thought is that it doesn't work when using CM tags inside the description tag, is this true? I'm trying to make it easy for my client to update the standard texts on the newsletter template.

Thank you.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Oskar, you're right,those tags aren't supported when added from the editor right now, but we agree it's not how things should work and plan on releasing a fix for this soon. Keep an eye on the blog for the announcement.

Oskar Oskar, 9 years ago

I see.

I'm glad you agree, I've just subscribed your blog - looking very much forward to the fix ;) Thanks!

ultragenda, 8 years ago

Hello, is this in the meantime solved ?  I still have this problem ...



Oskar Oskar, 8 years ago

Is the feature-request still on the todo-list? :-)

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