Styling unsubscribe links in Gmail

I use inline styles for my links and include a CSS statement for <a> that covers the built-in Campaign Monitor link tags <unsubscribe>, <webversion>, etc. for most email programs.  Gmail, however, ignores the CSS and the Campaign Monitor link tags default to underlined blue.  This is problematic, especially on a black background. 

Is there any way to style the built-in CM links so Gmail will recognize the CSS for those links?



joelsteidl, 8 years ago

They make you dig a bit for this one.

<webversion style="color: #003300; line-height:16px; font-size: 12px;">Click here</webversion>


<unsubscribe style="color: #003300; line-height:16px; font-size: 12px;">click here</unsubscribe>

I assume this would apply to most of their tags like this.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Joel is right, you can just style them inline like other tags. Also, if you choose to let Campaign Monitor add inline styles automatically, they will mostly be auto-styled too.

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robsedor, 8 years ago

Thanks Joel and Matthew.

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