Dynamic Images on Confirmation Email

Hey everyone,

Congratulations on the re-design of your website and the consolidation of your tools! We are very excited and have had little to no issues with the API since your upgrade [thumbs-up!]

Quick questions for everyone out there: is it possible to include dynamic images (using custom field) on confirmation emails? If so, we seem to be missing something... if not, what are the chances on implementing this feature?



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

It's certainly possible, and actually quite simple. All you need is a custom field containing the image name, and in your HTML

img src="http://www .yourwebsite.com /images/[theimage,fallback=generic].jpg"

for example, where [theimage] is the tag for your custom field. The value of that field will be inserted for each email, and if there is no value, your fallback image will show.

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