DomainKeys Questions

I just started using Campaign Monitor, and I'm not very familiar with how DomainKeys work.

I have a two-part question.

(1) If my clients are using the same domain, do I need to create a DomainKey for each new client, or do I just use the first one I already created?

(2) For DomainKey/DKIM details, what's the difference between public and private keys?

Thanks in advance!

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Amber,

Thanks for the questions. If your clients are using the same domain, then you only need to add one DomainKey record to your DNS. Once you've done it for one domain, fire an email to support and let us know the other clients you'd like us to add this authenticated domain for. We'll then take care of that for you behind the scenes.

In terms of the difference between public and private keys, the public key is the one you add to your DNS, and the private key is used to generate the header we use when signing your email when it's sent. We don't allow you to access your private key from the app just yet, but this won't be far away.

realestateplace, 9 years ago

Thanks, Dave.  That helps!  I'll be sending that email shortly for the DomainKey record.  Thanks again!

dannyfoo dannyfoo, 9 years ago

Since we're talking DomainKeys, I'm in the midst of some confusion here.

1. I'm using Namecheap for my domain and pointing it to my server. Because of this, I noticed I can't set TXT records. So what are my options?

2. Do I need a provider who supports DomainKeys and web hosting in order to use it? For example; GoDaddy and etc.

I've asked web hosting companies in my location (Malaysia) but either they don't know about DomainKeys or say they are not implementing it at the moment. So it's getting a little on my nerves as I want to deliver valuable newsletters to customers and ending up in Junk is such a waste. :(

Thanks for the help in advance.

dannyfoo dannyfoo, 9 years ago

Need some help over here if you may, please. :(

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Have you contacted Namecheap to see if they can set the TXT records for you, or did you just mean that you're not able to set them through the administration panel?

If your local companies don't support TXT records, you could try to find a non-local one that does. This is one place you could start.

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dannyfoo dannyfoo, 9 years ago

I've written a support to Namecheap, so awaiting their reply.

At the moment, I can't set the TXT records for my domain name because the DNS has been transfered to my web host (not Namecheap). Whenever I do this, I notice I can't set the TXT records anymore.

That's why I asked if I needed to have the same provider (domain name and hosting) which allows me to set the DomainKeys and SenderID. If that is the case then I suppose there's nothing I can do about this now since I'm using Namecheap for domains and a Singapore hosting company for my web space. :(

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Danny,

SenderID and domain keys both rely on the DNS record for the specific domain, so yes, they would both need to be on the same DNS.

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dannyfoo dannyfoo, 9 years ago

Thanks for the info, Matt.

Looks like I'll need to think of another way for my newsletters.

p/s: Keep up the great work. :)

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