A Real Demo Account - possible?

Hi All -

I want to set up a demo account so that clients that I'm not meeting with in person can check out the system and really get a feel for it w/o me having to set up a new account for them.  I was thinking that I could set up a real account and put an example client with example templates up there, but then I realized that someone could just start actually using that account!  I guess I could set the pricing to be ridiculously high, but that seems like a janky solution that would require too much explanation.

So I guess this is a feature request for the option to set up a fully functional demo account that does everything except send >5 emails.  (Would want the test emails to still work.) 

Thanks - and keep up the good work!  I love the new CM + MB integration so far.

- P

bubbly, 8 years ago

Why not let them test the demo account as they can send up to 5 emails. Setup a fictitious company and load it with templates. Let them pick one and send to 5 people at once. This way they can send to themselves (encourage them to do so), and then they can check out the reports.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion guys, we're always listening and understand how the easier it is to demo, the easier it is to sell. Cheers.

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