Multiple title tags within a repeater region

I hope I am not using up my very first posting to say something stupid - I just seem to be having a small problem with a new template, and am not sure if I am doing something that isn't possible - or if there is a way to make it work.

I have a repeater section that has a title - and a subtitle.  I don't think there is any subtitle tag, so I just added the title tag twice.  But when I use the template there is only one title region available for editing.  Here is what I have:

<repeater toc='false'>
  <h2><$title link='false' default=''$></h2>
  <h3><$title link='false' default=''$></h3>
  <p><$description default=''$></p>

Is this something that I should be adding to the feature requests section instead, or is it something that I simply do not know how to do?  Thanks.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi mattrabrown, we don't allow more than one title, image or description tag in a repeater I'm afraid, so that formatting isn't possible. We've deliberately kept the repeater functionality very simple so it's easy to work with for you and your clients.

taro uma, 8 years ago

I would love to see this also, maybe one or two extra text fields you can insert into a repeater. I have a client that wants to have several things listed like this:


so naturally I tried the double title just as the OP did. Now I'm left with offering them a static version where they can't change the categories themselves.

I really think that if it's put in a template correctly it should still be fairly simple for the client and me. :)

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks for the follow up Taro. Would you ever consider using the description field for all additional information besides the title. You can set the default text for a description, and that can be pre-formatted with all the details your client needs to add. They just click edit and add the additional content to each repeating item.

dcentric, 8 years ago

I would also value a subtitle tag. Our client has a list of forthcoming events for a newsletter:
* title of event
* date of event
* description

I tried the double title tag! None of the client's data is static and the design was to have a line between the date & description:
*Title of event
*Date of event

Understand keeping it simple. A subtitle tag would be lovely and flexible though..... In the meantime, I think a design change is required! Any other suggestions welcome.

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

If you/your clients have some basic HTML skills, all of this should be fairly simple using the source view and some extra CSS.

Would that be an option?


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dcentric, 8 years ago

Many thanks Stig. Unfortunately we need to assume no HTML/CSS skills for our client.
I am currently working with Dave's suggestion above and adding all event info into the description field. Also as suggested, I am preformatting the description default as follows:

<$description default='<h3>Enter event date.</h3><p>Enter the event description.</p>'$>

where h3 and p are formatted differently so that the template guides them to remember to add the date. However, the defaults only seem to show up on the first description, but not when you "add new item". Is this intended? (I can see the pros & cons!). Is there any way of getting the defaults to display when you "add new item"?

Many thanks

djwhisky, 8 years ago

Arghhh... I've just hit this problem too...
Am trying to add a repeater with an image and then underneath the image we need both a caption to the image and a headline for the story before the main body of the story begins... just assumed I could use a secondary <$title > element for the image caption and now discovered we can't do it!

Again we have to assume the client has no HTML knowledge... Pre-formatting bits in the default text won't work as the caption needs to appear before the main title (and is in a different position on the story) and it would look strange if we had to say to the client that the "Title" field was actually for the caption?!?

A <$subtitle $> element that worked the same way as the <$title > element outside of a repeater works would be invaluable - now need to go back to the client and say that we can't do something that I thought we could... quite embarassing when we're whitelabelling it as our own system!

I'd ditto dcentric's comments about the default values too :)

To go back to my client, I really need to know if it's something that's on your wishlist or not (i.e. I can say that we're developing it at present and it will be with them shortly but here's an interim solution or whether I need to go back to them and say that we can't do it fullstop).



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi James,

It's not something we can confirm as a definite development, so I wouldn't give your client's that information.

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
djwhisky, 8 years ago

Hi Matthew,
That's a shame, but if you could add it to the wish lists you've got (that I'm sure are a mile or two long) that would be great!

ckilgore, 8 years ago

Since reading this and realizing adding a caption to a photo in a template is not possible, I have been searching for an online resource that would allow a client to add a caption to a photo and save the result as a .jpg. There are plenty of places that allow you to lay the text over the image, but I cannot find a one that would let you add it below. If anyone has come across something like that, I would be eternally grateful for your help.

djwhisky, 8 years ago

It's not too hard to write a .net app to do it to be honest... sometime ago I wrote a small app to allow captioning of photos for printing that added a caption to the two white borders when you print a digital photo in the traditional 6:4 layout... principals are the same for what you want I think  - will try to dig out the source for ya...

mcgoverny, 8 years ago

+1 vote for adding a <$subtitle $> tag or <$caption$> tag.
Many of my clients would like to add a something to a repeater which does not fall into the category of title or description. Thanks, Terry

lschaef, 8 years ago

another +1 vote for at least an extra tag or two.

I'm working on a template where I need one more tag.  It's doable by letting the client format the description, but the whole point of having a template is to eliminate the need for the client to mess with formatting.

ambitiongroup, 8 years ago

One thing I think needs to be added is a Read more field with a read more link value and link text.

i.e. We use repeater for article snippers to click through which I'm sure a lot of people do.

Article Title


Read more about this article >>

I know you can make the title a link but I quite like the extra call to action.

fishtik, 8 years ago

another +1 vote

Actually I would like to have a :


It would be a real must for the system!


Textello, 8 years ago


BThies BThies, 8 years ago

Additional text & image fields in a repeater would be a HUGE bonus, especially when comparing this service to Constant Contact, in which multiple fields are readily available.

I know you guys focus on the basics, but the basics call for flexibility in design.

+1 here!

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
drak, 8 years ago

Just ran into this exact problem - another +1 for additional fields within a repeater

eyoung eyoung, 8 years ago

have you ever tried to do a 3x column layout using repeaters? it is possible but you have to repeat one column downwards and sometimes they don't even out.

it would be awesome if you could put multiple title, description, image tags into one repeater.

+1 vote for me

Oskar Oskar, 8 years ago

.. and yet another vote. This is a very much needed feature.

Welly, 8 years ago

And another vote for this :), 8 years ago

Wow I can't believe the tagging system is so limited

mstress mstress, 8 years ago

Tagging used to be much more robust in the MailBuild build App. I'm sure you all had some substantial reasons why this feature had to be removed for Campaign Monitor, but we sure would love to see it back soon!

Stuffedhippo, 8 years ago

+1 from me

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