Load all new accounts with templates from template gallery

I am working on being a reseller and as such, consider it a major pain to have to upload templates for new customers using it in a self-service fashion. Why not just have the template gallery show up for all new accounts where they have access to create/send emails?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi bubbly, the template gallery is filled with sample templates you are free to use, but each template will need to be customized for your individual clients. Right now they are designed for a mock company called "ABC Widgets". You'll need to replace that with your clients own branding, which is why we make them available for download instead of integrating them directly into your client accounts.

ramonekalsaw, 8 years ago

Hello. I'm a first time user and am having trouble with the file/template upload process.

I'm working off the instructions from the help page: "How do I import a campaign from my own computer?" When I get to 'Step 2.3: Import your campaign content from your computer, I'm selecting Index.html and images.zip from the 'campaign-monitor-editor' folder. But when I go to preview my campaign, instead of seeing the layout in the screenshot from the template library, I see the images for 'abc widgets,' Forward to a friend,' and 'subscribe,' and tag data.

Can you point out what I need to do to re-upload the downloaded template files so I can get the template to show up as an option on my 'Current Templates' page?

(Once I get that figured out, I'll go back and customize the layout for my company.)


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Are you importing the template under the 'templates' tab?

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biom, 8 years ago

Thanks for pointing that out, Matthew. It's working now : )

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