Domain Key Setup in WHM + CPANEL

Hi I've setup a Domain Key in WHM before for a client within CM and it worked fine. I tried to set it up for another client and Sender ID + SPF work fine but CM isn't actually verifying the Domain Key. It doing the loop for 48 hours trick. I've done a DomainKey Selector Record Test and it shows the CM key and says it's valid and checked it in CPanel and it says Domain Keys are enabled. Why isn't CM verifying the key? any comments

You can view the results for the DomainKey Selector Record Test below:

Thanks in advance,


clur, 8 years ago

Any luck with this? As I am trying to do the same thing

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Clur,

If you let us know the domain you are trying to authenticate, we can do a lookup on the DNS record and see if it looks ok.

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