Campaign Pending Approval

Client is receiving this message, but not sending to a huge list (about 600 names) which are not new.  They've sent many campaigns before. 

Is there a glitch?  When should they expect it to be delivered?  I'm getting lots of emails and calls from them.

Thanks for your patience, this campaign is currently pending approval
Our approvals team will be reviewing your campaign very soon, so sit tight and we'll send you an email when you're good to go. This is a one-off process, so once it's out of the way you'll never be delayed again.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

When we changed over from MailBuild to the new Campaign Monitor, the approval thresholds changed, and approval now happens on campaign send, not list import. For some clients, their biggest list in MailBuild was not above the levels in Campaign Monitor.

See for how it works.

We've responded to all pending approvals already, so by now you would have heard back from us some time ago.

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aztecmedia, 8 years ago

My client is getting the same response. How long does it take to approve. Seems odd as their account has already been approved. Making use look really bad. Help!

The above topic means nothing as this has already been done. Now it needs approving again!!!!!!

Now on the verge of loosing this client!!!!

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi aztecmedia,

It looks like this was their first approval request and it was submitted a little over an hour ago. We just replied to it (the email would have gone to you) asking for some additional information. Just reply to that with the information requested so that we can proceed with their approval request.

D. Potter
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