Receiving email notification from a subscriber form

It sounds like the text field size limit is about 500 characters (based on another post I found), which is more than enough for a description field in a general inquiry form on our website. 

My challenge is knowing when someone fills it out - I'd like the information submitted to be sent to an internal email address as a notification that someone has filled out the form.  How would you suggest going about this, since it is not an option in creating a standard form?

BraceRosso, 8 years ago

Note - just did my own test, and it appears that the character limit is 250... not 500.  Any comments from Campaign Monitor on how to increase, or if you will increase the limit?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

It's not possible to increase I'm afraid - it is not intended as a general comment form, just an email signup form, so we're not planning to up the limit.

You could certainly have a combination form though, that submits to Campaign Monitor but also sends off to an email address. You'd need to do some scripting on your end to make it happen, but people certainly do that.

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BraceRosso, 8 years ago

Understood - thanks for the response (250 characters isn't too shabby anyway).
Anyone that has a script, however, that enables a form to send to both Campaign Monitor AND an email address, please send a link.  I'd like to take a look, since I'm not that savvy with creating my own scripts.  Even if there's a resource out there that explains how it's done would be helpful.

nabrown78, 8 years ago

I second this...I'd like to be notified anytime someone signs up for my newsletter, but I'm not sure how to have a form do two things at once (send to Campaign Monitor AND to my email address, for example).

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