vetting a client's large list?

I understand the vetting process for large subscriber lists. However, I am wondering what happens when a client uses my rebranded interface to send his or her first large campaign.

Will my "dirty little secret" :-) show when they are prompted by CM to provide a written explanation of where their contacts came from? Do I need to upload that first large list so they won't have to see that their contacts are being verified by a third party? Thanks!


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Your client will be asked to provide an explanation, but there is nothing that mentions Campaign Monitor at all. It will appear to be a question from you. If we need to follow up, we'll contact you directly, never your client.

Clients and designers have separate approval levels now, so if your client is sending for themselves, they will need to go through approval.

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agelfand agelfand, 8 years ago

That answers my question - thanks!

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