How do you set up templates for your clients?

What's your process for getting a template set up for your new clients? Do you start with one of our templates and modify it? Or maybe you have your own base templates you edit.

Some people build from scratch each time, and charge a decent amount to build totally custom templates. We'd love to hear how it works in your business.

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BThies BThies, 8 years ago

Custom design 95% of the time.  We do have a few industrial templates we created for use with specific industries, otherwise they're all custom.


Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
steveguberman steveguberman, 8 years ago

mostly we do custom templates but since we have a rebranded Mailbuild solution we offer a varying price point system for clients. They can use one of our (your) ready-made template for a nominal fee to get going, bring one of their own that we modify, or we can build them the template of their dreams. Prices range from $350 - $1500. Having these options helps get them on board and we're starting to see clients want a ew variatons on their templates based on their communication needs. A few clients have a quarterly newsletter and a monthly 'checking in' format that is short and sweet.    Print • Web • New media
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vince, 8 years ago

As clients cannot do anything without a template, including testing the system itself, I find it best to provide a couple of your standard templates for free from the start, after which we also offer custom templates based on their needs and wishes for a fee.

Therefore, I would really love to see an easy method for automatically including our choice of templates for every new client account crreated.

SelectMailer SelectMailer, 8 years ago

I completely agree with the comment that we need to add in some default templates for clients to try out CM before they agree to us designing them a bespoke one. We add these manually but would SOOOOOOOO love an API that allowed us to add clients, set prices and uploaded a custom set of templates... go on you know it makes sense ;-)

When it comes to designing the templates we use a basic template we have tweaked over the last couple of years then modify it to suit the client. Once it is done we slap into CM and get them to create a newsletter and send it to themselves for testing.

BraceRosso, 8 years ago

The manual process of adding each template to every client's account is pretty time consuming.  While I certainly appreciate CM's perspective that the templates are intended to be customized before offering to the clients in the first place, it would be helpful if we could at least select the templates we've uploaded to our own accounts when setting up a new client.  The interface that allows a client to select an uploaded template would work just as well for us when we're setting up a new account.
In the mean time, here's one suggestion for those of us out there looking for a simpler process for customer setup.  Create a page that displays the templates you offer, then, allow the client to fill out a form that limits their template selections to let's say three.  Then you'll have an easy way for them to "order" their templates.  They're not likely to need more than a few to at least get started.  This would eliminate needing to load all templates to each client's account or guessing what they might like.  At least, that's how I'm planning to do it at some point.

dihakz, 8 years ago
redembermarketing :

The manual process of adding each template to every client's account is pretty time consuming.  ...if we could at least select the templates we've uploaded to our own accounts when setting up a new client.

I would like to second this request...  it would be most helpful to have this ability, since there is no fast, streamlined way to do this currently!  (Also, thanks for the tip, here.)

As for how we do things:  we generally use the templates to lure people in.  The cost point, to begin with, is not the greatest (Constant Contact is cheaper, especially for multiple monthly mailings to a larger subscriber list) and people are generally cheap until they learn the value.  They cannot learn it until they get started, and so we start people with a free template.  Again, that is a pain, since we have to show them to them, install them ourselves, and do the editing for them, too, to get it looking right for their organization.  I'd like to see things improve in this area!

They Creative, 8 years ago

Yes, I just posted about this.  If there was a way to have a set of custom templates load each time a member signs up it would make the process almost seamless. :)

Please let us know that this is in the works.

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