Help needed to remove bulk spam signups

Firstly, Happy New year all :)

Now, onto my problem...

Over the Christmas period, the signup form on a client's site got massively spammed, with over 20,000 fake e-mail addresses being added into the database in about an hour period. I've never experienced this problem before, and presume I've just been unlucky this time.

So, now I have a subscriber database with a massive chunk of subscribers who need removing. The simplest way of doing this I imagine would be to export the database as CSV, delete all the bad entries and re-upload. The problem is that CM still doesn't`t seem to support the 'Date Joined' field. This data is exported in the CSV, but you can't assign it to a date joined field when you re-upload, so I'll lose all the historical sign up data.

Can you guys advise me if there is any other solution - or what you think is the best way to deal with this in your eyes? I need an answer asap ideally as the client can't send any campaigns until this is resolved.

All the best


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

I would suggest you export your full list, with the date joined. Then you can open it in Excel or similar, sorted by date so you can easily grab just the section of dodgy signups.

Instead of reuploading the whole list, just paste the spam addresses (in chunks) into the suppression list for that client, and they will be removed from all that client's lists.

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