Segments: Multiple "Does not equal" not working

I've got a list of countries and trying to separate out a segment based on "Does not equal":

So for example does not equal:
Australia or UK or USA

Which I was hoping would leave all the rest of the countries in the list.

However this doesn't happen, as soon as I add the 2nd "Does not equal" it adds all countries back to the segment.
Is there a way around this other than doing multiple "equals" or "equals" for every country EXCEPT the ones I want.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

You need to make it an 'AND' rule - so 'Does not equal UK' AND ' 'Does not equal Australia', rather than 'OR' rules. Does that make sense?

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mc123, 8 years ago

*Embarrassed*.. yep makes perfect sense. Didn't think to use the AND rule for this case.

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