CNAME Not Resolving

This is getting to be problematic.

I set up my CNAME on my dedicated server last week.  It is correct.  Had my Web host check it.  They said it was correct.  Yet, it has not resolved after several days.  Now, my Web host is telling me that the problem is on Campaign Monitor's end, not theirs.  I need help here as I was going to launch with Campaign Monitor this weekend but refuse to until this issue is solved.

Any thoughts????

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi JetJagger. Is your CNAME record pointing to cname.c/ A pretty common reason of the record not validating is having it point to your own c/ address rather than cname.c/, I'd suggest double checking that.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
JetJagger, 8 years ago


Thanks for the email you sent.  I'm the goof.  I had the wrong CNAME record.  My Webhost told me it was correct, but the problem has been successfully resolved nonetheless.  Thanks!

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