Posting Templates

I would love to see the ability for clients to post their own templates.  Some of my clients are more savvy than others and one in particular is reselling my services of reselling yours.  It would be great if that client could upload his own templates.  Maybe an administrative switch "Allow client to upload new templates" or the like.

Thanks for the great product.


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Are you actually talking about MailBuild here? We don't have plans right now to let clients upload templates - I guess if a client has that level of skill, they could just as well start their own account?

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damienbuckley damienbuckley, 10 years ago

See my reply to your other post here - again I think you're missing the point - Campaign Monitor and Mailbuild were designed as tools for professional web designers.  Once you allow your client to start uploading their own templates etc - what do they need you for?  If thats what they want, there are already dozens of those applications available.

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