Let's see if they can answer this one..

Hi Campaign Monitor guys,

Here's a question..

I have a list.
I sent campaigns to it.
The reports build a nice history.
Afterwards I changed 1 email address from "abc@abc.com"  into "_abc@abc.com".

The reports now indicate that I have sent all my email campaigns to that new address (the _abc one),  even though I had send them to the abc address, not to the _abc address. But that's ok for me.

QUESTION 1: If this person re-opens a mail which I had send to the abc address, so opening AFTER I had changed the address into _abc, is the report still showing that opening? (his OWN email address still is abc, while I changed into _abc..)

I start a new list for that customer. In that list I add the address abc@abc.com again.
I send mails.
The reports ofcourse show everything nicely, building up a nice history.

When I now delete the _abc address, will the history of that email address be added to the initial abc@abc.com address?

Pls don't see this as tricky questions, It would solve merging two lists into 1 list for me..


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