Subscription Preferences Center -- but on my site

I'm considering switching to CM as my email service, but, after scouring the forums, I'm still a little unclear if it can serve my needs regarding a Subscription Preferences style feature on my web site.

My site already has a registration/member area, and I would like to integrate a way for these members to opt in to (or opt out from) any number of newsletters I offer (via CM), on a case-by-case basis.

I am aware of using segments & a custom "interests" field in conjunction with the Subscription Preferences Center such that members can do this type of administration on the Campaign Monitor side via a preferences link in their email. But I really want to develop a preferences feature on my side, possibly with the API, which would accomplish the same thing.

Am I correct to assume that the API can be used to update the "interests" field, which would essentially determine which campaigns one would receive? Also, I'm assuming I could pull any existing "interests" data in from CM when building the subscription prefs, right?

Add to this a similar feature whereby members can update their email address on my side, and I use the API to notify CM of the email update. This would be important, since email is maintained as part of the member record on my site, as well.

Would appreciate any feedback as to whether this sounds doable, or assistance on how others are dealing with better integrating subscription pref update into their sites.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Yes, you could use the API to update custom fields for individual subscribers based on your own data. However, you can't change an email address via the API, you'd need to unsubscribe the old one, and add the new one.

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