Resend Campaign to New Subscribers Problem

I used campaign monitor this week for the first time....

created a campaign, added 1600 subscriptions and sent it out....

Now a few day laters, 25 new people subscribed to the same e-mail news letter,

and i want to send these 25 people the last news letter, but this is NOT possible in campaign monitor???

I have to create a new campaign and find out manually who those people are and have to create a new list?
But then i end up with 2 campaigns, so this messes up my statistics.......

And i will have also two lists which doesn't seem to work with unsubscribers (some of my clients send out multiple email newsletters (think used cars & new cars), recipients can unsubscribe for all newletters or just individual news letters)

I am rebranding campaign monitor and selling it to my clients, but if i can't re-send a campaign (to new subscribers, who didnt get the e-mail yet), i can't really sell it to my clients....Is it right, that campaign monitor doesn't have a solution for this problem ?

In my opinion it should always be possible to re-send a campaign to new subscribers (without paying the 5 dollar fee again as the campaign content did not change and is already approved ) .... for the people behind campaign monitor, this just means that the subscriber list to a certain campaign can grow every day and every mail send out extra means more cents for you :)

Rob Gevers

rob.gevers, 8 years ago


> Hi rob,
> Thanks for contacting us. You do have to setup a new campaign, but you can easily get a list of just the people who have joined since a certain date.
> Go into your list and create a segment, using a rule like 'date added is after...'. You are right, that is a separate campaign and will be charged separately too.
> At this stage, we are not likely to change that, because the whole system is setup so a report is based on a specific set of  recipients being emailed at a specific time.
> The unsubscribe links will automatically remove people from all the client's lists, by default. However, you can use the preference center to let people unsubscribe from specific lists. See
> Regards,


WHAT's IN A NAME ???? CAMPAIGN monitor, but :

"the whole system is setup so a report is based on a specific set of  recipients being emailed at a specific time.... " (see mail above)

So in my opinion campaign monitor can't deliver what it promises : monitor a campaign (sorry folks)


Hello Matthew ,

thanks for you reply, unfortunately this will make campaign monitor totally useless for most of my clients
As marketeers we want to measure the results of a campaign and not a set of recipients....

I was going to use campaign monitor as the e-mail marketing instrument for the introduction of a new car model,
The car manufacturer sets up a special web site for this introduction, where people can subscribe for a newsletter, especially the first 3 - 4 weeks, this will generate a lot of new subscribers daily ( a couple of hundred every day), who all have to get the same newsletter.

By setting up multiple campaigns whe can't measure the results of this newsletter......

Ashame that campaignmonitor doesn't support this, mmm what's in a name : campaign Monitor :)

Personally I think by adding this feature and also building in automatic trigger emailing, campaign monitor would be a killer application !

Now its not really usefull for more advanced marketing campaigns....
I hope campaign monitor will consider this in the future when adding new features.....

Kind regards,
Rob Gevers

joolsr, 8 years ago

I had a similar problem to you. I wanted to send out a newsletter before Christmas, but as it was my first time with CM, I was lacking time and couldn't add some of my subscribers from another list to it.

I emailed support about this as I couldnt work out how I could send to the new subs, but without the chance of having it sent for a second time to duplicate subs. Even though CM removes the dupes in a list, I couldnt find a way to know how to avoid sending the mailing to the original main list again.

The response from CM support didn't even mention segmenting. I spent ages messing about spreadsheets and trying to dedupe the list manually and create a separate list. But this wasn't what I really wanted to do.

Eventually, I worked out I could import my new subs AND segment them out via the date and time added to the list field. But why didnt they mention this at CM support when I contacted them?

I really like the CM software, but I had another support question, (ie how to setup DNS records for Bind to allow authenticated email sending), that they couldn't answer either -they suggested googling it instead.

I think its a little hit and miss with their support some times.

rob.gevers, 8 years ago


i dont have any complaint about support, they are fast and accurate (in my case),

it is just that we both needed the feature to resend a campaign again (think also of soft bounces, another topic on this forum) and CM doesnt support this......

I decided today to build my own e-mail campaign manager......


joolsr, 8 years ago

I like CM, I really do, but like any software you really only get to know the limitations when you use it in anger. I think their support is ok,  but was just saying perhaps it could be that bit better ;-)

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Joolsr,

I'm sorry if you did not get the support you needed. Your case was actually a bit different, because you had explicitly said you were setting up a new list - with a new list, the segmenting would not work, it would only work if you were sending to the same list again.


As I replied to your email, for most people, it does not make sense to have separate sends show up in the one report. We understand for your particular needs you'd like it to work that way, but for now it's just not something we are likely to change.

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rob.gevers, 8 years ago


Maybe i don't get the point , but the following scenarios seem very common to me:

1) my clients use the subscribers forms on their site to autmatically subscribe visitors to their mailinglist in CM, today we send out a newsletter. The following days new people subscribe. Then my client asks can you send the same letter out to those extra subscription.

2) my client gives me a list of email adress to send a email news letter to. After sending he rings and says, i got 50 extra adresses, send them also that email...

3) my clients expect a massive response on a HUGE (> 50.000 emails) list and to protectd their server capacity they decide to send out an news letter in stages (every 4 hours)

In my opinion very common scenarios, but i don't wanna mess around with mulitple analytics reports about the same news letter......


Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hi Rob, maybe here's a couple of ideas:

@ 1 -- You probably know you can send an autoresponder to each new subscriber immediately. If you could help your client posting a newsletter archive on one of their webpages, you could put a link in the autoresponder to that page. Or, alternatively, you could put a link in it to the webversion of the latest edition of the newsletter (would require to change the autoresponder after each latest editon of course). Any which way, you -- and your client -- would be sure each new subscriber gets a chance to look at the latest edition (and probably at the best possible moment too -- right at the moment someone is interested enough to subscribe). Saves you the trouble of sending small resends too.

@ 2 -- Well, yeah.... do you really expect any e-mail marketing app to take that sort of client behaviour in consideration? ;-)

@ 3 -- Maybe a pre-test to a small, but representative part of the list would be an idea. Mail to, let's say 1000 subscribers. What's the clickthrough rate? If it's 2% for example, at 50.000 subscribers that would mean 1000 visitors to a page in a short window of time. Any decent server should be able to handle that. At much higher clickthrough rates, I agree: you probably should send in stages ( but it's a good idea to test anyway, wouldn't you say? Maybe even some A/B testing to work out the highest possible response )

If you have to send in stages, would the CM comparing reports feauture not be helpful? It gives a good general idea of the total result. It would also help you and your client to see which mailing (in terms of sending time) works best -- good info for future mails!


In general I have to say I think you are a bit harsh on the CM guys... Nothing wrong with keeping them on their toes, but they built (and keep developing) a great app that serves thousands very well -- I think a little understanding would be in place for the fact that not every specific wish (and I rather think your wishes are) can be met. In my experience (50+ clients and counting...) 90% of all client wishes can be met easily with standard CM features, 5% ask for a little imagination, 3% for some workarounding and yes indeed: in 2% of the cases you might have to say "Sorry, no can do". But after 98% of happiness, I generally have no trouble of selling that occasional "No".

Happy email marketing :-)

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